How to find a licensed jewellery store in Colombo? Is Salies Jewellery a licensed Gem and jewellery store?

Check the websites to find out if they have the government license. Salies Jewellery has all the licenses and have been doing business over for four generations successfully.

Where can i find jewelllery retail stores in Colombo Sri Lanka? Do you have ready-made jewellery?.

Yes we have both gems stones and jewellery, we offer bespoke manufacturing as per clients request both in-house or online. Best way to find a reliable store is to look for social reviews.

How can I purchase jewellery in Colombo Sri lanka, what is the order procedure?

If you are ordering from us, contact us via E-mail or on whatsapp to let us know your requirement. We will be having an online store and a payment gateway very soon.

What are the payment methods I can use to purchase jewellery and gem stones?

With us, you can pay using cash or by credit card.

What are the cards you will accept?

We accept VISA,MASTER,UNION PAY,AMEX, UNIPAY and almost all major credit cards.

How can I purchase a jewellery or gem stones in Colombo or in Sri Lanka?

Please do contact us through Email or or whatsapp on +94777393418

Can I get a jewellery or a gem stone shipped out from Sri Lanka?

Yes we export products successfully using EMS / Fedex / DHL? Brinks and other secured cargo carriers all insured from source to intended recipient.

How can I pay if I’m buying jewellery form overseas?

We can take a wire transfer after we send proof of shipment or we can process a credit card payment which is soon to be updated.

How to find genuine, certified and guaranteed gem and jewelllery in Colombo Sri Lanka?

All products are certified and guaranteed we can escort you to an accredited lab with the product should you need a supplementary certificate. That is the only way you can be assured that you are buying a genuine, certified product.

How can be sure to find a reputed and high ranked gem and jeweleery retailer?

Always check for customer feedback on online blogs and social channels. We are certified and provide guaranteed products. You can find client feedback online on travel blogs and Google.

Does Salies Jewelllery have any other branches?

Currently we have one outlet in Colombo 3 and it is the main and only store.

Is Salies Jewelllery located in Colombo?

Yes we are at 151 Galle Road Colombo 03. ( Land mark – opposite the American Embassy)

Do we have parking spaces?

Yes we have our own private parking.

Are we open on weekends and holidays?

Yes please refer to our working hours as we are open 07 days a week.

Are we on Google maps?

Yes we are on Google maps search for Salies Jewellery Colombo

What other services do we offer?

We do Cutting manufacturing designing, and bespoke fashioning of custom jewellery and select gem classes on prearranged schedules.

How can book to go on a gem and jewellery tours in Colombo?

You can contact us to get it organized, however it has to be pre-arranged on availability.

Do you repair old Jewellery for new customers?

Very selectively, we do with certain terms and conditions regarding guarantee for the repair and reserving the right to stop and hand back the project in whatever state.

What is the cost of jewellery repair?

The repair cost depends on the product and the risk involved with the repair job. We can give you an estimate once we see the item.

Why do we take this precaution when restoreing old jewellery?

Because we cannot guarantee the metal alloy or its process and some sentimental value cannot be assessed.

Do we keep kick backs and offer commissions to tour operators guides and drivers?

We avoid and discourage this unregulated practice as it breeds mistrust and the end product to the customer is always overpriced and compromised.

How can we avoid this situation where tour guides and drivers taking you to stores offering kickbacks?

Contact us directly via email or whatsapp + 94777 393418 and always talk to us directly in person do not allow the guide to get involved in the conversation even for directions.

If I am mobile how can we be reached?

Most public places of public interest, airports, hotels and restaurants offer Wi-Fi you can use whatsapp or email to reach us or purchase a data card at the airport.

How to find a reputed jeweller in Colombo Sri Lanka?

The best way to approach this task would be is to referring customer feedback on tripadvisor and reading through the jewellers web pages to find their legacy. If a jeweller is approved by the Sri Lanka tourist board is another way of getting an idea of their reputation. However the craftsmanship is the most important fact you need to look for if you find a reputed jeweller as only skilled workmen can deliver best cut for fine gem stones.

How to find highest rated jewellers in Colombo Sri Lanka?

Look through the comments and feedback given on trip advisor, Google business profile and in other social channels to find how they have been rated. May be you can try asking a question online and see how soon you can get a feedback which will give an indication of their level of customer service.

How can I pick the best jewelllery store in Colombo?

Search online, go through their reviews, give them a call or drop them a line on social media and see how they respond. Extend your search to see what feedback they have received form customers on social channels and whether they have government certificates and approval necessary. If all these lines up with one merchant then it’s most likely you are looking at the best in the jewelllery business.

Can I buy a precious gem stone from Sri Lanka?

Yes in deed, Sri Lanka is well known for mining some of the most valuable gem stones. Sapphires mined from srilanka is known as the best in the world and if you are looking to buy a precious gem stone, Sri Lanka is the place you must visit.

Finding the top jeweller in Sri Lanka ?

Check if they have the Sri Lanka Tourist board approval, if they are a registered business, strong legacy and a customer base, healthy good quality stock of gems and jewelleries, great reviews online, reliable contact details with quick turnaround time.

Where can I buy precious gem stones in Sri Lanka ?

Sri Lanka is well known for discovering some of the world’s finest and valuable gem stones. Most of these were mined from the Gem capital Rathnapura and often bought to Colombo to find best buyers and jewellers who would put them in the hands of deserving customers. Hence it would be safe to say that Colombo would be the ideal place if you are looking vo a valuable piece that is unique and rare.

Is Colombo good for gem shopping ?

The most reputed jewelry stores in Sri Lanka can only be found in Colombo. Most trusted traders in the business has been doing business over decades over generations hence when you go gem shopping in Colombo it’s very much likely to strike a good deal if you find a good store to do business with. You will also get a lot of varieties of cut and uncut gem stones in Colombo.

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