Jewelry Manufacturing and designing

For the love of what we like to keep and what we like to change, we are always ready to respond to the desire of our customers. We are ready to repair, redesign or simply create from pure Gold, Silver, Platinum or Palladium that is new or recycled from existing metal alloy brought in by the client.

Jewelery Manufacturing Sri Lanka

Gem Cutting

Incorporating the best techniques and equipment, without compromising the optimum appearance of a perfectly faceted gemstone, we have established true brilliance and a niche for excellence in gem cutting with many clients who we have and repeatedly supply to date, our own cut gemstones.

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Gem Cutting Sri Lanka

Gem Identification classes -
an introduction to popular gemstones.

To serve our clients and reputable jewelers, we offer a free and comprehensive class to all our clients, to get a better understanding and an in site, on how to buy gemstones at a retail level; enlightening and enhancing the reliability of all reputable jewelers and promoting the sale and purchase of better goods and better value for money. Sample stones and laboratory are available on site at the store.

Jewelery Manufacturing Sri Lanka

"We are only one store and at this location; we have no other branches"